The Baldwin Beacon

Volume 23, June 25, 2021

May and June Council Recap

May 18th, Council began with two approval of two liquor licenses on the consent agenda. An amendment to Transportation 2040 was presented to City Council by the Lawrence-Douglas County Metropolitan Planning Organization. You can find out more about the LDC MPO and their process here.

Council voted to accept purchase contracts for the sale of two city-owned properties, 620 Indiana Street and 1100 Indiana Street. The 2021 chip and seal process was submitted by Public Works Director Rob Culley. This year Baldwin City worked with Douglas County on the just-over-five-miles of streets to be sealed. Frank Foye was appointed to the Library Board.

Baldwin Academy of Dance and Voice submitted a CDBG-CV application for disaster relief and was awarded $21,021.12 to retain three full time equivalency positions.

June 1st, City Council approved four fireworks stand applications and three special event resolutions. The event resolutions had to do with alcohol waivers for Maple Leaf 2021, a regular weekly Cornhole BYOB for the summer, and the Independence Day Celebration.

New business included consideration of a formal policy for the sale and lease of city-owned property, the appointment of Public Works Director Rob Culley to the Douglas County Emergency Management Board, and approval of the purchase of Relays and Meters for the Newton Street Sub-Station.

June 15th, Council approved one last fireworks stand. The purchase and lease policy returned for more discussion, and approved a voluntary annexation of a 10-acre tract of land near 56 Highway and 1600 Road. A maintenance proposal for the existing electric substation on Newton Street was also approved. Council also considered a draft ordinance for the regulation of water wells inside city limits.

You may watch City Council meetings, live or after the fact, on YouTube at any time. You may also access all agendas, minutes, and related files here.


Baldwin City’s Independence Day Celebration will take place on July 3rd, at the Golf Course. Get all the details you need about the fun event on the Rec’s webpage.

There will be no change in trash service the week after the 4th of July, since it occurs on a Sunday. City Hall and Public Works will be closed July 5th, however.

Firework sales begin this weekend

...and here are some things you need to know ahead of time.

Fireworks are allowed between the hours of 8am and midnight from June 27th through July 4th within city limits. Bottle rockets and similar are not allowed. Read what city code has to say about fireworks here.

Recommended Activities:

  • Attend the Rec’s Independence Day celebration at the golf course, listen to  great music, and watch the professional fireworks show

  • Use glow sticks for kids and colored lights in place of sparklers

  • Spend time with friends and family

  • Celebrate safely

  • Be mindful of neighbors, seniors, pets, and individuals with PTSD or similar trauma

  • Have a bucket of water on hand to extinguish fireworks and in case of fire

Not Recommended:

  • Never disrupt traffic flow while setting off fireworks

  • Don’t set fireworks off in your hands

  • Monitor sparkler use carefully — they can cause third degree burns

  • Bottle rockets and similar flying fireworks are against city code

  • Definitely don’t aim fireworks at your neighbors’ house

  • Under no conditions should you ever dispose of fireworks in the trash without soaking them first

We want you to have fun, get through the holiday safely, and still be friends with your neighbors on July 5th. Our emergency services personnel would like to see a safe and happy community through the next week, and we’ll be here if you need us.

2021 Street Maintenance

Phase II of chip and seal set to begin late summer

City Council approved funding for Phase II at the May 18th council meeting. At the time of writing, Public Works Director Rob Culley estimated Phase II will begin mid-August. "We just had our first construction kick-off meeting earlier this week," he said. Neighborhoods covered this year will include 1st Street over to 6th Street, although not including 6th Street since that is a County Road. The area will also extend from the highway to High Street, Santa Fe Drive, Dearborn Circle, and Hillside Drive.

Phase III planned for 2022

If City Council approves the funding plan, Phase III of the Pavement Maintenance project will continue in 2022. 

Rob Culley said Public Works staff will be focusing on fixing potholes and cracks for the roads scheduled for Phase III. They will also be spot patching and fixing potholes throughout the entire city as they do every year. "I am hopeful to have the entire residential district sealed by 2023, depending on funding," he noted.

Do you have a pothole in your neighborhood you'd like to report? Get it on the list with this form.

Events Coming Up

July 3rd Independence Celebration - Information Here.

  • June 29th, City Council Budget Worksession, 7pm at the American Legion Hall

  • City Council Meeting July 6th, 7pm at Baldwin City Library

  • July 14th — Town Hall Meeting at Baldwin City Library with Mayor Casey Simoneau and Representative Christina Haswood

  • City Council Meeting July 20th, 7pm at Baldwin City Library

  • July 22nd and 23rd, Red Bricks & Storied Structures: A Preservation Conference. More information here, or register now.