The Baldwin Beacon

Volume 18, December 31, 2020

It’s been a year to remember.

Most of us probably aren’t sad to say goodbye to 2020 and move on. This is the year we all learned how to spell unprecedented, masks became a universal tool instead of a costume, and most of us learned Zoom was a noun not just a verb.

Here’s a quick look back at some of the things that caught your attention in Baldwin City in 2020, in no particular order.

  1. Alex Karev of Grey’s Anatomy moved to Baldwin City back in March. He has yet to sign up for city utilities.

  1. The Chiefs won BIG.

  1. The old Wooden Spoke building on Highway 56 was demolished to make room for a new Law Enforcement Center, and somehow Mayor Simoneau ended up on tv.

  1. Pioneer Cemetery underwent a tombstone makeover, courtesy of a grant from Douglas County Historical Foundation.

  1. Baldwin City received a $1.1 million grant from Kansas Department of Transportation for construction of a “rail trail” from Highway 56 to the historic Santa Fe Depot. Construction is set to begin on this project some time in 2021.

  1. Lucy Sweet Sullivan, mayor of Baldwin City before 1900, was so pleased at the finished Sullivan Square named in her honor that she turned up in person. She even gave some guests a tour of important landmarks, including the Women’s Bridge. We hear the library has created a walking tour in her honor, available here.

    1. Baldwin City created and chose a new City Flag. It’s hanging in Sullivan Square now, and will be appearing in more locations around town soon. Inquire at the Lumberyard Arts Center’s new boutique if you’d like to purchase one.

  1. We waited. A lot.

  1. The Maple Leaf Festival went virtual (the vendors are still live on the main website!), and these amazing videos popped up.

  1. Casey’s General Store made an official entry to Baldwin City after years of lengthy threads in local Facebook groups from citizens desiring pizza and a second gas station. They’re still working on demolition, but projected plans say they should be open for business by next summer.

  1. Elm Street, Fremont, and Santa Fe sidewalk projects are {mostly} finished up, allowing students a safe and easy route to school and citizens a great place to exercise from one end of the town to the other.

  1. Finally, the east side of town got a major upgrade to the sewer system that’s been needed for a long time. And it’s finished just in time for the holidays and first major winter storm too!

Well, that’s enough unprecedented events for one town. We’re off to ring in the New Year quietly and safely, hoping to wake up to fresh snow.

Happy 2021, Baldwin City.